Brown Rudnick is an original member of the Association of Pro Bono Counsel (APBCo) created by firms who employ dedicated full-time professional pro bono directors within their firm.

Commitment to pro bono publico legal representation has always been a fundamental element of our identity as a law firm. The engagements of those who could not otherwise obtain counsel or organizations working on their behalf, without any charge for our time, can often be a critical for clients who otherwise would be denied justice because they do not have the means to pay for necessary legal representation. Pro bono work also provides important benefits to our lawyers and paralegals and to our Firm in the form of professional developmental opportunities, team building, public relations and recruiting benefits, and personal and professional satisfaction.

Brown Rudnick devotes its pro bono representation where there is a need and where we have the expertise and resources. In recent years, our legal work has included a focus on representation of clients in matters such as these:

Immigration (especially children)

Nonprofit organizations

Civil rights, including voting rights, due process protections, racial bias

Representing Indigent Artists, especially in obtaining denied payment for their work

Homelessness individuals


Inner-city education

Unemployment Benefits Appeals

For more information, please see our PRO BONO POLICY OF BROWN RUDNICK LLP.