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people: Foundation Board of Directors



Joe Ryan

Joseph F. Ryan


P: +1.617.856.8568

F: +1.617.289.0412


Wayne Dennison Image

Wayne F. Dennison              

P: +1.617.856.8247          

F: +1.617.289.0438

Jeff Jonas Image

Jeffrey L. Jonas


P: +1.617.856.8577

F: +1.617.289.0434



Andreas Andromalos

P: +1.617.856.9229

F: +1.617.289.0495 

 Katy Gardner Image

Catherine Gardner

Vice President

P: +

F: +1.617.289.0691


Linda Marcus Image

Linda B. Marcus

P: +

F: +1.212.938.2815

 Steve Wasserman Image

Steven F. Wasserman


P: +

F: +1.212.938.2999


 Ed Pare Image

Edward D. Pare, Jr.

P: +1.401.276.2601

F: +1.401.276.6239

 Doug Cohen Image

Douglas A. Cohen


P: +1.860.509.6511

F: +1.860.509.6690



Foundation Board of Directors Image: Chris Toms

Christian Toms

P: +44.20.7851.6009

F: +44.20.7851.6100


Cathrine Castaldi

P: +1.949.752.7100

F: +1.949.252.1514 


Andrew Dash

P: +

F: +


Omega Poole

P: +44.20.7851.6108

F: +44.20.7851.6100 





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